2018 Price List

Take a look at what we have in stock below:
Please note: For tackle, rigs and/or rods (or anything that isn't included on this page) please visit or contact us and we will be happy to help.

Sea Bait

Product Amount Price
Wild Rag 10+ in a pack £3.00
Farmed Rag 10+ in a pack £3.00
Black Lug Fresh/Frozen 10 in a pack £3.30
Blo Lug 15+ in a pack £2.80
Dirty Squid Large Pack Ask in-store
Dirty Squid Small Pack £3.50
Squid Handy Pack £1.85
Party Squid Approx. 30 £4.75
Asian Star Squid Box £5.00
Mackerel 2 in a pack £2.55
Mackerel 3 in a pack £2.95
Mackerel oiled fillets 6 in a pack £2.85
Blueys 3-5 per pack £3.30
Medium Sandeels £2.60
Large Sandeels £2.80
X-Large Sandeels £3.20
Crab 40p-70p
Razor Fish 5-7 in a pack £2.40
Packet / Tub of mussels £2.30
Medium Herring 2 in a pack £2.20
Small Cuttlefish 4-5 in a pack £2.80

Freshwater Bait

Product Amount Price
Maggots Pint £3.00
Casters(to order) Pint £3.00
Pinkies(to order) Pint £3.30
Earth Worms 30g Tub £2.30
Earth Worms 50g Tub £2.50


We do stock smaller weights than those featured below, please contact us for more information.

Weight Type Weight Price
Ball Weight 1oz £0.55
Ball Weight 1.5oz £0.60
Ball Weight 2oz £0.75
Plain Weight 1oz £0.45
Plain Weight 2oz £0.45
Plain Weight 3oz £0.50
Plain Weight 4oz £0.50
Plain Weight 5oz £0.60
Plain Weight 6oz £0.70
Grip Weight 3oz £1.20
Grip Weight 3.5oz £1.25
Grip Weight 4oz £1.35
Grip Weight 5oz £1.50
Grip Weight 6oz £1.60